Are You Building a 7-Figure or High Profit 6-Figure Law Firm but Feel Stuck with an Average Six- Figure Firm Right Now?

The H.E.R.O. System was developed exactly for YOU to hit the mark by following a proven success pattern...

“My greatest fear is not hitting my potential.” – Mat Fraser, 4X CrossFit Games Champion

Enough is enough.

You need a program that pushes you to succeed, not another social media group to join. It needs to have easy to understand and even easier to implement strategies that fit for DIY-ers and those hiring pros at the same time.

And most of all, IT. MUST. PRODUCE. RESULTS.

I’m Ben Glass, and, along with leading law firm coach Charley Mann, we are looking for entrepreneurial law firm owners who can combine their innate ingenuity and drive to succeed with our best-in-class guidance and strategic planning to achieve unrivaled growth and profit in your practice...

The #1 marketing and growth program for law firm owners with ambitious growth goals will:

  • Push you to exceptional level of achievement with the assistance of a carefully guided growth system developed by professionals with top tier reputations for helping law firms. (No more suffering from the bad advice of amateurs who are better at making themselves sound good than actually growing a practice.)
  • Get you motivated to implement at warp speed (the ultimate difference between those who succeed and those who don’t).
  • See the actual order of implementation you need to succeed based on our well-documented patterns of success – these are drawn from decades of combined experience helping firms just like yours.
  • Learn how to track your results, so you will have all the proof you need to know if your law firm is producing profit or dumping money into a bad decision.
  • Never again suffer from following a marketing fad that sounds good but has no proof behind it. (These distractions cost law firms hundreds of millions of dollars a year in lost revenue, while just benefiting the fad-maker.)
  • Put your eyes on your well-defined prize and never for a moment lose sight of your GOALS, while you take concrete steps to hitting those objectives.

On top of all that...

No other self-guided program for solo and small law firm owners combines the following:

Module-based training with month-by-month implementation guidance built on a top tier learning platform (accomplish more with a training module that takes less than 30 minutes a month to consume than you would from most day-long conferences)

Monthly OFFICE HOURS Live Zoom Session as a dedicated space for you to ask questions of GLM’s top-tier HERO coaching team, along with surprise guests, pop-up mini seminars, and exclusive motivational content (also recorded for your listening/watching convenience at another time)

Email support to answer your pressing questions (and you’re emailing a whole team of experts through just one email point of contact, so your answer will come from the best person related to your inquiry)

Monthly HERO Letter, arriving in print, featuring advanced personal and professional development coaching from a select team of high-impact coaches (you’ll love sitting down with your condensed “in writing consultation” every month, easily featuring what would otherwise require dozens of hours of independent reading each month to find the best materials, now accomplished in less than 60 minutes)

Monthly edition of “Advisors and Allies,” a special publication featuring contributions from outside consultants, vendors, and other subject matter experts, giving you a closer look at other resources to help in the growth of your law firm

Membership site featuring THE BEST LAUNCH SYSTEMS for referral generation, lead generation, using webinars, and more (in addition to an archive of recent newsletters and Office Hours sessions)

Member directory, so you can find equally motivated peers in your region and/or practice area to connect with

Law firm owners in the modern economy need, more than ever, a consistent trusted resource away from the outside noise of the hundreds (or thousands) of uncurated “info dumps.” While there may be a million and one places to poke around for the next online marketing idea or social media strategy, nothing helps the progress-making practice owner more than focused guidance and information.

Every member of the H.E.R.O. program goes through the transformational process of the core four-step system:

  1. HOME: Define your ULTIMATE OUTCOME and the AMBITION ENGINE driving you to succeed. Follow-up our precisely staged process of developing exactly what you want to get out of your law firm. This includes how much money you want to make, lifestyle improvements, and time you spend both in and outside the practice.
  2. ENTREPRENEUR: Identify your PERSONAL STRENGTH from the five major areas of strength that generate success for business owners like you. See how putting more focus on your current strengths can massively accelerate your progress, instead of wasting time patching up weaknesses (this one mistake costs law firm owners countless lost days, weeks, and even months in productivity every year).
  3. REFERRAL: Establish your HERO NETWORK, a group of fellow attorneys and community leaders who are eager to send you new clients. Put our “Ultimate Referral System” to work for you in less than 60 days, yielding rapid results of new clients.
  4. ONLINE: Gain a firm understanding of creating digital PROSPECT PIPELINES from the many available platforms for you. This include core courses on search engine optimization, social media, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more. You will feel ready to both execute on the strategies as a DIY-er and outsource the work to select vendors. Either way, it begins with this best-in-class education on these mission critical topics for digital age law firms.

Every month, in addition to the CORE HERO PROGRAM with its carefully staged modules, being a HERO will deliver to your physical and digital doorstep:

Motivational “how to achieve” advice from top coaches of solo and small law firms who have practical experience working INSIDE law firms like yours

Beginner-level marketing content for those who are still new to the program and need bite-sized chunks to learn and implement as they aim for the next $10,000 in revenue growth

Advanced-level MARKETING and GROWTH strategies for the more experienced firm owner looking for the next $100,000 innovation for the practice

Carefully selected and extremely up-to-date internet marketing information and implementation guidance to ensure you are always ahead in the online client attraction competition

Insight into what other law firm owners like you are doing to hit their goals, including practical strategies you can “swipe” for your usage

What’s the Outcome?

First and foremost, more clients with higher revenue and profit – if you put in the work.

This program is not a magical panacea. All the good ideas in the world won’t help you if you don’t do something with it.

We trust that you bring the Implementation Attitude to get it done.

(If you struggle with this area, we would recommend you look into the HERO Accelerated program which includes additional Accountability measures to help you achieve more, faster.)

Members using these modules, systems, and trainings can create results like the following* (which are real achievements by actual members of Great Legal Marketing):

Double your personal income in just 90 days

Triple revenue in just two years

Revenue increasing by 60% while actually working less than ever before

Easily take time off whenever you want to be with your family or go on vacation

41% year over year revenue increase

More of the clients you actually want

Grow from $475k per year to nearly $700k the following year

19 potential new clients in just six weeks

Gross revenue is 148% compared to the previous year

From averaging $150,000 per year in revenue to averaging $600,000 per year

Work less and earn more

*These results, while actually achieved by your peers and members of Great Legal Marketing, are no guarantee of your own outcome. There are many factors that go into hitting these achievements, including actually implementing our recommendations.

There’s a LOT OF MONEY TO BE MADE in owning a law firm.

If you’re ready to hit the seven-figure or super profitable six-figure mark permanently, then this should be an easy choice. Now’s the time to decide:



Ben Glass

P.S. Like you, I am a law firm owner. So, in addition to the thousands of firms I’ve worked with over the years, I know the experience of growing a practice firsthand. You’ll get the inside information of what I’ve done and what I am doing to work less and earn more – it’s my favorite way to run the practice!