If you already do at least $1 million per year or more in revenue, I will show you how to...

Turn Your Seven-Figure Practice into a High-Profit, Multi-Million Dollar Law Firm that Runs Itself

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Discover how to break the dreaded time-money chain, unlock accelerating profit from a well-managed practice, and create lifestyle autonomy as a multi-million dollar law firm owner

Are you accidentally building an elaborate mouse trap designed to lock you deep inside your law firm until you finally wake up and realize this isn't what you want from life?

Sounds scary...

Yet it's the most common outcome of running larger law firms.

While you may enjoy the hefty personal income of a seven-figure firm, let me ask you an important question:

Are you required to be there to make that money?

If your personal work is needed to generate revenue, you don't have a business... You Have a Job.

No doubt it's a job many would like, but you didn't open your own law firm and grow it to seven figures just for the financial spoils. You don't want to be stuck trading hours at your desk for money, even if it's more money than you ever thought you'd be bringing home. After all, the money you make can't buy you time... unless you're putting that money toward transforming your law firm into an autonomous, systems-based practice, allowing you to come and go as you please.

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Proven Systems and Methods to Breaking the Time-Money Chain, Increasing Revenue and Profit, and Creating Lifestyle Autonomy for You

The I.C.O.N. program was built specifically for seven-figure firm owners like YOU with a proven method for increasing profit, adding millions in revenue, and giving you the freedom to work whatever hours you want on only the most important projects for you.

In case you’ve felt frustrated with your practice in the last 6-12 months, it might help to know that high-performing seven-figure firm owners like you deal with these problems too:

Exhaustion from working IN the practice instead of ON it (there is no honor in doing work that is below your grade)

Big money investments in marketing and growth that went sour

Struggling to make a breakthrough and add the next million dollars in revenue

Chaotic personnel structure creating massive, profit-draining inefficiencies

Management done by personality rather than by performance

Building an owner-dependent business requiring your nonstop attention and effort, forever linking your personal income to endless hustling

It’s time to attack BIG GOALS and put a system in place around you that empowers you as the firm owner!

Master the Principles and Strategies for Unlimited Growth!

Yes, you read that right... UNLIMITED GROWTH.

You can build the firm you really want to the size to best support your ideal lifestyle. For some, it's a solid $3 million with a big chunk of it going to personal income. For others, they want offices multiple locations (even multiple states) with a million-dollar or more annual payout from the practice.

When you "crack the code" on how growth occurs at seven figures, you can achieve far more than you ever thought possible!

This is the magic of the multi-million dollar firm. As you grow, you gain:

  • Economies of scale available only to seven- and eight-figure firms that allow you to focus on the Reinvestment Cycle critical to massive, accelerating growth
  • Revenue stability with far fewer outlier years (better for budgeting and producing reliable income)
  • Ability to test new strategies on a larger scale with less pressure on needing an instant win, meaning your BIG IDEAS actually have time to mature and produce a positive outcome
  • Higher margins on every signed client thanks to high-performing management and operation systems

You are ready to create an OWNER-INDEPENDENT business from you law firm. It will no longer rely on your efforts to get to the next level. Instead, through a better understanding and integration of the Marketing-Operation-Finance triangle, you will unlock millions in potential revenue from your current practice!

All you need is the right plan, a hard push to get started, and ongoing guidance to keep you on course.

You were able to get to seven figures (not an easy task, so congrats on joining the club!), so I know you have what it takes to turn your firm into an autonomous engine for growth and build a better lifestyle for you, your family, and even your employees!

Bust Open the Potential on Your Practice with These Best-in-Class Tools for Seven-Figure Law Firm Owners

No other program for firm owners like you combines the following:

Module-based training specifically built for constructing a multi-million dollar firm that runs itself with month-by-month implementation guidance built on a top tier learning platform (accomplish more in 30 minutes than you would from most day-long conferences with our exclusive training modules)

ICON Modules

Launch a Firm-Wide Transformation

Start with transforming the internal operations and culture of your law firm to see INSTANT improvement in productivity and profit. Plus, develop your leadership skills using the same tools as the highest-performing entrepreneurs and CEOs at the top of Fortune 500 companies.

Increase Profit, Decrease Complications

Build smooth-running systems, hire A-level talent, and lower your day-to-day workload using the same tools I developed to run a high-profit, multi-million dollar law firm!

Put Your Law Firm on Autopilot

Wouldn't it be nice to take a month-long vacation without worrying about your law firm? Imagine running a practice where you focus on big decisions and just working with the clients/cases you like (or none at all, if you prefer the business side). This is not only possible, it's easier to do than most expect... if you're willing to put in the work.

ICON Office Hours

Monthly ICON-only OFFICE HOURS Live Zoom Session as a dedicated space for you to ask questions of the top-tier ICON coaching team (including Ben Glass, legendary growth leader for law firm owners), along with surprise guests, pop-up mini seminars, and exclusive motivational content (also recorded for your listening/watching convenience at another time)

UNLIMITED EMAIL SUPPORT to answer your pressing questions (and you’re emailing a whole team of experts through just one email point of contact, so your answer will come from the best person related to your inquiry)


Monthly ICON Letter, arriving in print, featuring advanced leadership, management, marketing, and professional development coaching from a select team of high-impact experts (you’ll love sitting down with your condensed “in writing consultation” every month, easily featuring what would otherwise require dozens of hours of independent reading each month to find the best materials, now accomplished in less than 60 minutes)

Monthly edition of “Advisors and Allies,” a special publication featuring contributions from outside consultants, vendors, and other subject matter experts, giving you a closer look at other resources to help in the growth of your law firm

MEMBER DIRECTORY, so you can find equally motivated peers in your region and/or practice area to connect with

Plus everything from the HERO program (we recommend you hand the HERO materials off to a key growth employee in your practice, such as a marketing director)

Ambitious law firm owners like you need, more than ever, a TRUSTED RESOURCE away from the negativity and noise holding you back from hitting the next stage of growth. You want to hear from experts who have “been there, done that” but who are also pioneering the next opportunities for practice owners.

The ICON program is about MASTERY OF YOUR LAW FIRM as a business.

Here’s what an ICON member like YOU will do in just the first few months as part of going through the core four-step system:

  1. Master your natural INFLUENCE as a marketing factor, leadership style, and growth driver for the practice while removing you from smaller tasks
  2. Solidify and codify the CULTURE of your firm, including developing the core values and setting the known standards for performance in the practice
  3. Build your OPERATIONS road map for higher efficiency (meaning greater profits) and a more stable chain of command (meaning fewer questions and “pop-ins” in your personal office)
  4. Nail down the primary NUMBERS that drive the growth of your law firm... most businesses only monitor the past, causing them to make poor decisions; you will learn how to look forward using specific numbers that predict the outcome

With only those four steps, you could easily add a million dollars in revenue or increase profits by 15% or more, meaning more money in your pocket... and yet that’s only the beginning!

Of course, if it were really that simple... everyone would be doing it.

Every month, in addition to the CORE ICON PROGRAM with its carefully staged modules, being an ICON will deliver to your physical and digital doorstep:

How to be the CEO” advice from top coaches working with law firm owners at your level (and above)

Specialized information about law firm financials and best practices for high-profit legal operations when you’re running a seven-figure practice

Super-advanced marketing ideas for firms work “at scale” like yours (no small ball being played here!)

Leadership and culture coaching with practical ideas on how to increase performance both in managers and ground-floor employees

Closer looks at what other law firm owners like you are doing to hit their numbers, including ideas to “steal” for your law firm

Great Legal Marketing's 2019 Marketer of the Year Winner - Kellam Parks

What’s the Outcome?

A law firm that functions without your constant attention while you bring home the best personal income of your entire life! ...If you put in the work, of course.

It’s not enough to learn about using your numbers. You’ve got to use them! All the great growth and leadership strategies in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t have the gumption to take risks and actually be the leader.

I’m placing my trust in you to actually get it done.

I think you would find both of us equally frustrated if all this information was available to you and nothing was done with it.

Members using these modules, systems, and trainings can create results like the following* (which are real achievements by actual members of Great Legal Marketing):

Triple revenue in just two years

Bringing home $1 million+ per year consistently in personal income

Revenue increasing by 60% while actually working less than ever before

Add satellite offices worth a million dollars or more in new revenue

Easily take time off whenever you want to be with your family or go on vacation for a full month at a time without worrying about the firm

41% year over year revenue increase

Gross revenue is 148% compared to the previous year

Work less and earn more

*These results, while actually achieved by your peers and members of Great Legal Marketing, are no guarantee of your own outcome. There are many factors that go into hitting these achievements, including actually implementing our recommendations.

You can own the “dream practice” that requires less of you but puts more money in your pocket.

There’s BIG MONEY in owning a multi-seven-figure firm.

It's not as far away as you think...

Especially if you're the kind of entrepreneur I think you are.

If you’re ready to build a practice in the multiple millions that manages itself, this should be an easy choice. Now is the time to decide:



Ben Glass

P.S. Like you, I am a law firm owner. So, in addition to the thousands of firms I’ve worked with over the years, I know the experience of growing a practice firsthand. You’ll get the inside information of what I’ve done and what I am doing to work less and earn more – it’s my favorite way to run the practice!

P.P.S. Yes, my firm is a multi-million-dollar law firm that runs itself. I barely handle any casework (only cases I actually like) and get to focus on the business parts of the practice (which is my favorite part of the firm). It’s my ideal lifestyle, and I know you can have it in your life as well.